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How to Find a Job (You Love): Identifying Your Values. With HappyqHQ and Janine Jacobs

How to Find a Job (You Love): Identifying Your Values.

Hello there, to all those navigating the world of work and advocates for a better world of work. Welcome to I Love My Job, your favourite B Corp-certified recruitment agency! Today, we’re excited to kick off a collaboration series with Janine Jacobs, co-founder of HappyHQ (alongside ILMJ’s very own Louisa Mordaunt), the company culture specialist dedicated to putting people first. And together, we’re on a mission to change the world of work as we know it. Starting with a blog piece aimed at helping you identifying your Values.

Did you know that only 9% of UK workers feel truly enthused by their work and workplace? And a big reason behind this often comes down to values misalignment. Your values are the deeply-held beliefs that shape everything from the company you keep, and the environments that inspire you, to the companies you’re more likely to love working for.

A bit more about HappyHQ and its co-founder Janine: Janine Jacobs is an advocate for people-first cultures, co-founder of culture consultancy, HappyHQ, and co-host of Culture Shock podcast. Regularly featured in the likes of Courier, Glamour, and Start-Ups Magazine, she’s on a mission to guide workplaces in creating more fulfilling experiences for employees everywhere.

We’ve joined forces with HappyHQ to create a series aimed at helping you navigate the world of work. We’re starting with a fundamental tool that won’t just help you find a job you love but also help you identify the companies you’re aligned with.

Why Values Matter

Values are the compass that guides us in our personal and professional lives. They can profoundly impact your job satisfaction, motivation, and sense of purpose. When you’re in sync with your values, work doesn’t feel like just a job—it becomes an extension of who you are.

Values alignment is crucial during the hiring process. This blog piece is here to help you identify your values. Our goal is to ensure that you don’t only find the right job for you but also match you with a company that aligns with your values.

The Benefits of Values Alignment

Being values-aligned at work offers a multitude of benefits. It can make you feel more energized, fulfilled, and open to negative feedback. You’re more likely to stay connected to your work and make better decisions. It’s a win-win for both employees and companies.

To help you understand your values and how they can guide the type of company you work for, we’ve created five practical steps you can take:

🤔 Observe Patterns in Your Life:

Consider the choices you’ve made in your life, both big and small. What motivated these decisions, and how did they make you feel? By identifying patterns in your life, you can gain insights into the values that guide your actions.

For instance, take the company Patagonia, known for its strong commitment to environmental sustainability. If you find yourself consistently making eco-friendly choices in your personal life, you might value environmental responsibility as a core value.

👀 Look Beyond Words:

Go beyond buzzwords like innovation or integrity. Reflect on situations in your daily life that invigorate or drain you. The words you value should reflect what truly energizes you.

An example from the company Airbnb showcases values like ‘belonging’ and ‘community’. If you find that you are inspired by fostering connections and a sense of belonging in your personal life, these values may align with your core values.

🌪 Avoid Inconsistency:

Your behavior at work and home shouldn’t be inconsistent. If there’s a mismatch between your personal values and your workplace’s values, it can lead to feelings of incongruence.

Consider a company like Google, which values ‘innovation’ and ‘creativity’. If you value creative problem-solving in your personal life but feel the need to suppress these values at your current workplace, it might be a sign of incongruence.

❤️ Consider Your Reactions:

Pay attention to your emotional reactions when you observe others behaving in certain ways. These reactions often indicate your values.

For instance, if you are deeply moved by stories of social justice and equity, you might value inclusivity and social responsibility, as seen in companies like Ben & Jerry’s.

🧩 Notice ‘Values in Action’:

Look at the ways companies integrate authentic values into their daily operations and routines. Leaders play a key role in embodying company values, and these values set the tone for the entire company. Examining a company’s values in action can help you determine if you’d be a great match for them.

An example from I Love My Job Ltd demonstrates how they incorporate their value of ‘positive impact’ into their daily operations. If you find making a positive impact inspiring in your personal life, working for a company that shares this value may be an excellent fit for your values.

These steps will provide you with a clearer understanding of your values and how they can guide your career choices. Discovering your values is a crucial step toward finding a job you love, and it can lead to more fulfilling and meaningful work experiences.

You can also find various online tools and assessments that can help you identify your values:

📌 VIA Character Strengths: The VIA Survey of Character Strengths is a free assessment that identifies your core strengths and values. You can find it at VIA Institute on Character.

📌 Life Values Inventory: This is a self-assessment tool that helps you identify your core values. You can find it at Values Centre.

📌 Personal Values Assessment: This assessment can be found at, and it’s designed to help individuals identify their core values and priorities.

So, here’s to finding a job that aligns with your values and makes you love what you do. Stay tuned for more insights and guidance on creating a fulfilling career in our collaboration series with HappyHQ. Happy job hunting!

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