Fuelled by happiness


To positively impact people’s lives by helping them say
I Love My Job.




1. An utterance, declaration, thought, or feeling that everyone is entitled to.

2. A phrase often said sarcastically that we deserve to say with sincerity.

3. A statement we should be able to say with pride on a Monday morning.

We believe that finding a job you love can positively transform your life.


Find a job you love

That’s why we exist!


“loving your work is a right not a privilege!”

Simon Sinek

They love their job!

Candidate’s quotes

Values are at the core of everything we do at ILMJ, and this has been our way since the beginning. We integrate our values into every aspect of the company, constantly reviewing to ensure we are acting with them in mind.

Loving Your Job

Loving what you do, where you do it & how it allows you to thrive.

Being a Chain

Valuing collective responsibility over rivalry by building on teamwork, honesty, and taking ownership.

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Living Positive

Taking control of situations with optimism, positivity, and a pinch of good humour.

Outstanding with Pride

Delivering outstanding results with integrity & pride, guided by gut intuition to do right thing.


Steering Social Action

Driving social impact, inspiring happiness, and being the change that we want to see.

Re-defining Standards

Unconventional and curious by nature, always learning, and never settling for the norm.

After 2 years of dedicated commitment, we are proud to say that we are currently in the submission process for our B Corp accreditation.🎉

B Corps are businesses and organisations that are certified as having achieved the highest social and environmental standards. For us, B Corp’s assessment demonstrates important criteria that we can use as both a framework and an inspiration to do more as a principled company driven by people and not profit. 

We are building a community of people that can proudly say
‘i love my job’.

Far too few people say ‘I love my job’ and we are on a mission to fix this! We are going beyond recruitment and building a community of job seekers, students, graduates, business leaders, employees, everyone who wants to inspire and be inspired. 

⚡️ Life is too short to not love your job 💫

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